Salah Abou-El-Fadl

Dr Salah Abou-El-Fadl

MB. BCh. FRCPsych.

Consultant Psychiatrist

6 Clinical Excellence awards for my contribution to the Trusts.

Personal Profile

Dr Salah Abou-El-Fadl has been working as NHS consultant psychiatrist in Essex, UK since April 1990. In addition to his clinical work as an adult psychiatrist he has been practicing as an expert witness to the courts and various other agencies. He has been a medical member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal since June 2004. He was also a regular visiting psychiatrist to Chelmsford and Bulwood hall prisons between 1992 and 2004.
Dr Abou-El-Fadl took his first NHS consultant post in the Clacton on Sea area with North Essex mental Health Trust where he worked for five years. He then moved to St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping where he worked as consultant psychiatrist for 9 years; during that period he also served as Clinical Director/ Associate Medical Director for seven years. In June 2004; he moved to a consultant post in Goodmayes Hospital with North East London Mental health Trust, and became the Chair of the Senior Medical Staffing Committee. He contributed to developing a team for Early Intervention in Psychosis; and later took a leading role in Liaison Psychiatry and Audit Lead. In July 2009 he became a member of the Council of Governors of North East London Foundation Trust.

He is an examiner on the Royal College of Psychiatrists membership exam, and an assessor for approval of foreign qualified psychiatrists to obtain specialist registration in the UK.

Before coming to Essex; Dr Abou-El-Fadl worked abroad as a consultant psychiatrist/ Assistant professor in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and later in King Khalid National Guard Hospital in Jeddah between 1978-90.

DR ABOU-EL-FADL graduated in the medical school of Cairo university, in November 1975. He served for a year during the national service in The Military Hospital for Psychiatric Disorders, Cairo. He later came to the UK and took first job in St Davnet’s Hospital in Ireland where the shoots of community psychiatry were just budding, he later went to Leicester where he obtained his Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, in June 83. It was in Leicester that he witnessed the ECT study which proved the case for that treatment in depression; from there he gained experience in a famous therapeutic community under Dr George Spaul. He then did his higher professional training in Nottingham and Derby Rotation where he continued his training and took interest in forensic psychiatry.

Other Positions

  • Medical Member, the Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses
  • Admitting Consultant & Member of the Medical Advisory Committees of the Priory Hospital, Chelmsford

Work Experience

Consultant Psychiatrist to North East London Mental Health NHS Trust

1 June 2004 - Present

Based at Goodmayes Hospital, Ilford, North East London. Responsible for a Community Recovery team area in the west sector of the Redbridge locality.

Consultant Psychiatrist to North Essex Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust,

1 June 1995 - 30 May 2004

Responsible for the Epping Forest North Sector, The service included outpatient, in-patient & Day Hospital facilities and Community Mental Health Team in Waltham Abbey. Regular clinics, and liaison with the Rehabilitation, Elderly Service and the Intensive Care Unit. Training and supervision of junior and a Staff Grade doctors. The post started in May1995 with Essex and Herts Community Trust. In April 2001 a merger took place between the mental health part of my Trust, that of Mid Essex Community Trust and North East Essex Mental Health Trust, which formed the current partnership with Social services. During the year Sep.02 to Sep. 03 I took the additional cover of the south sector with a similar catchment area. I was the Clinical director / Medical Lead of the two Trusts from November 1997 till October 2003.

Consultant in Mental Health; (General Adult Psychiatry)

1 April 1990 - 30 June 1995

Responsible for a catchment area of 94,000 adult population in South Tendering area (Multidisciplinary Community based Service, Clacton-on-Sea).

Consultant Psychiatrist, King Khalid National Guard Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

17 October 1987 - 31 March 1990

Lead a multi-disciplinary team of two SHOs, a Clinical Psychologist and a Social Worker. Provided in-patient, outpatient, and active liaison service to Medical and surgical departments.

Assistant Professor / Consultant Psychiatrist, Saudi Arabia

8 February 1986 - 28 August 1987

I was responsible for the postgraduate Diploma course in Psychiatry. Provided inpatient, outpatient and Liaison Service, Undergraduate and Postgraduate psychiatric teaching.

SHO in Psychiatry

1 January 1980 - 30 April 1981

St. Davnets Hospital, Monaghan, Ireland. Under Dr. P. Kelly and Dr. J. Owens

Clinical Observer in Psychiatry

22 August 1979 - 31 December 1979

St. Olave’s Hospital, Guy’s Group, London, With Dr. R. Gaind

Resident in Psychiatry

2 July 1978 - 31 December 1978

Department of Neuro- Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, Cairo. Under Professor M. Shaalan

Resident in Psychiatry

1 July 1977 - 1 July 1978

The Military Hospital for Psychiatric Disorders, Cairo

Rotating House Officer

1 March 1976 - 28 February 1977

(Internship) Cairo University Hospitals

Placements in the Senior Registrar Rotation

Senior Registrar in Adult Psychiatry

14 November 1983 - 26 Februaru 1986

Nottingham/Derby Rotational Training Scheme in Psychiatry

General Psychiatry under Dr. D. Gill, Mapperley Hospital, Nottingham

14 November 1983 - 31 August 1984

Child Guidance Clinic under Dr. R. Leheup, Nottingham

Community Psychiatry under Dr. R. Owen, Pastures Hospital, Derby

1 September 1984 - 29 February 1985

Forensic Psychiatry under Dr. M. Harris, Mapperley Hospital Child Guidance Clinic under Dr. Leheup, Nottingham

Acting Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry during the Rotation to Pastures Hospital, Derby

1 March 1985 - 31 August 1985

Continued to attend 3 weekly sessions in Forensic Psychiatry at Mapperley Hospital under Dr. M. Harris.

Department of Health Care for the Elderly, Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham under Professor Tom Arie and Dr. R. Jones,

1 September 1985 - 26 February 1986

Forensic Psychiatry under Dr. M. Harris, Mapperley Hospital

Placements in the Registrar Rotation

Registrar in Psychiatry

1 May 1981 - 30 October 1983

Rotational Training Scheme, Leicestershire Health Authority (Teaching)

General Psychiatry under Dr. G. F. Spaul & Dr. D. Carter,Towers Hospital

1 May 1981 - 30 September 1981

Research Registrar under Dr. A. El-Sobky, Department of Psychiatry, Leicester Royal Infirmary

1 October 1981 - 31 July 1982

The Academic Unit, under Dr. N. Kaye and Dr. El-Sobky, Carlton Hayes Hospital

1 August 1982 - 31 January 1983

Therapeutic Community, under Dr. Spaul, Towers Hospital, Leicester

1 February 1983 - 31 July 1983

The Alcoholic Unit, under Dr. D. Cameron, Drury House, Carlton Hayes Hospital, Narborough

Psycho-Geriatrics, under Dr. P. Jones, Towers Hospital, Leicester

1 August 1983 - 30 October 1983


Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt


MB. BCh. November 1975

The Royal College of Psychiatrists, London


MRCPsych. July 1983
FRCPsych. July 2001


Clinical Experience

I have always worked in a comprehensive multidisciplinary set-up, fostering a broad medical model that encompasses social and psychological models of practice. I always maintain the shortest average length of stay and the lowest readmission rate in the admission unit, thanks to the close liaison between the inpatient unit, Community Team and the Day Hospital.

I have worked in a variety of geographical areas including Ireland, the Midlands, and Essex. Working in a clinical setting within Saudi Arabia was an interesting and useful experience, in view of the cultural loading on the clinical presentations and the relatively recent advent of the psychiatric service in that country.

Experience in Medico0Legal and Forensic Psychiatry

  • I have always been interested in medico legal and forensic issues.
  • My long and involved clinical career allows me to receive regular referrals for psychiatric medico-legal opinion. These include family and custody matters, child abuse, and sexual offending, as well as other criminal and fitness to plead cases including murder cases; mental capacity, personal injury, occupational health issues, cases of specific cultural or ethnic concerns and recently more immigration related cases. The referrals come from solicitors, Insurance companies, Prisons, CPS, County Courts and Councils, Occupational health bodies and professional unions.
  • I attend Magistrates courts, crown courts and the high court as an expert witness.
  • I appeared before MR JUSTICE MARK HEDLEY in the High Court in a family case of complex ethnic and cultural background.
  • I am a Member of the Society for Expert witnesses.
  • I am a Member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.
  • As visiting Consultant to Chelmsford Prison –for men- and Bullwood Hall Prison –for women in Essex for over twelve years (1991-2003) I regularly provided psychiatric consultations, assessments and reports to the crown and the High Courts on mentally abnormal offenders. This was an immensely rewarding experience in psychiatric and behavioural abnormalities as they reflect social disadvantage and or personality problems.
  • As Senior Registrar I undertook elective sessions in Forensic Psychiatry under the supervision of Dr. M. J. Harris, This included visiting Leicester and Lincoln Prisons and Leicester Young Offenders’ Prison. I also provided consultations to probation hostels and undertook weekly outpatient clinics for patients released from penal system.

Teaching Experience:

  • I am an examiner on the Royal College of Psychiatrists annual OSCE exam.
  • I train senior registrar trainees now (ST4-6) preparing for consultant position.
  • In addition to my normal training duties towards the Junior Doctors, I regularly lecture Trainee psychiatrists and GPs on issues of nosology and management of psychiatric disorders and on reporting to the courts.
  • I was involved for five years in the organisation and delivery of psychiatric lectures on the approval course for Social Services in North Essex.
  • I frequently lecture on GPs meetings and postgraduate courses, e.g. on Medical Model, Understanding and Treatment of Depression and on Reporting to the Courts.
  • In The King Khalid National Guard Hospital there was an active Medical Education Department and I was involved in training Junior Doctors, as well as doctors preparing for the MRCP examination. I was able to get a number of trainees posted to psychiatric training within the UK under The Royal College of Psychiatrists Overseas Doctors Training Scheme.
  • As Co-ordinator of Postgraduate Psychiatric Studies in King Saud Medical School, I was responsible for running the Diploma in Psychiatry Course and re-scheduled the whole curriculum. I also lectured to undergraduate students and helped introduce more clinical input into their training and gave tutorials on exam techniques for candidates of the final examination of The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Positions in management

  • Chairman of the Senior Medical Staffing Committee, Goodmayes Hospital.
  • Chairman of the Community Services Forum, Goodmayes Hospital.
  • Medical Lead, Associate Medical Director, for West Essex with North Essex Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, (April 2001 to October 2003)
  • Clinical Director and Member of the Trust Management Team with Essex & Herts Community Trust (November 1997 to March 2001)
  • Co-Chairman of the Mental Health Management Group, later the West Area Management Group.
  • Lead Clinician for Clinical Governance and Chairman of the Clinical Governance subgroup, 1997-2003.
  • Member of the Project Board to form a single Mental Health Trust for North Essex Health Authority 2000/2001.
  • Member of the NSF Implementation Team for North Essex Health Authority.
  • Chairman of the Transitional Management Group, EHCT.
  • Member of the Psychiatric Division.
  • Member of the Trust Medical Advisory Committee.
  • Member of the Mental Health Strategy Group, North Essex Health Authority.

Previous Memberships of Professional Bodies

  • Medical Staff Committee, Severalls Hospital, Colchester.
  • Clinical Audit Committee, Severalls Hospital, Colchester.
  • Residency Board for Postgraduate Training, Faculty of Medicine, King Saud University (1986-87).
  • The Medical Executive Committee, Pastures Hospital, Derby (1984-85).
  • South Derbyshire Division of Psychiatry (1984-85).
  • The Psychiatric Unit, Senior Medical Staffing Committee, Nottingham (1983-86).

Administrative and Management Contributions

Before becoming Clinical Director, I was closely involved in the “Clinicians in Management” exercise in Essex & Herts Trust. This helped bring the views of clinicians and management together to achieve a constructive atmosphere for co-operation, which laid the ground for new management restructuring within the Trust.
I then became Clinical Director to the Trust in November 1997; and with the support of Dr Rajani, Medical Director, I was involved in the following:

  • Re-drawing the Trust’s Medical Staffing Structure and increasing the numbers of Consultant and Staff Grade posts. This allowed the redistribution of consultant catchment areas along county boundaries, which allowed a coterminous division of the Herts and the Essex portions of the original trust, thus allowing a smooth merger.
  • Rationalised the spending on Locum appointments through enlisting the co-operation and support of consultant colleagues.
  • Maintained an active debate about the Rehabilitation Service, negotiating with purchasers to develop that Service on a Community basis.
  • I was able to enlist the support of various disciplines and professional groups within the Trust in forming an active Mental Health Management Group, issues regarding the Mental Health Service and its progress were discussed in this group and fed back to the TMT.
  • I managed to induce a change in the current clinical practice of some colleagues, leading to streamlined patient’s care from the inpatient to the community service.
  • I was closely involved in the commissioning and development of the Trust’s intensive care unit.
  • Conducted a number of Consultant Appraisals in conjunction with the Medical Director in 2001 and 2003.
  • As Medical Lead I contributed to the review of the inpatient Clinical services in Harlow in 2002, which resulted in reconfiguration of the admission wards and improved performance and patient care.
  • In the new Trust, I chaired the Clinical governance subcommittee and helped set the mission statement to the group and its objectives. The group produced an impressive report at the end of the previous trust

General and Public activities

Contributed as adviser on mental health issues to the TV programme, HOLBY CITY, by providing several advises to a number of episodes, I was also closely involved in the scrutinising of one of the episodes, and coached the actress who was to play the role of a psychotic pregnant lady.
I am frequently invited to contribute to Arabic TV stations, which broadcast from London, and get invited to talk on the BBC world service on social and mental health issues.

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